GoodNotes and your Digital Planner (Manual for Beginners).

My digital planner on my GoodNotes app has become a tool that I rely on to plan even my most hectic days. Have you ever had these days when you seem like you’d lose your head? I know I have! In some cases, I think that I can’t keep an eye on one more thing – that’s why my digital planner has actually become a video game substitution! I’ve even quit my highly cherished paper planner in favor of the digital planner on my iPad!

Whatever I have to face in a day, I know that I have a quickly available planner, lightweight and user-friendly. But I know my digital planner would not be half as powerful without the best app.

One thing is clear: if you’re irritated with your digital planner, it might be since you’re using your tablet’s native software or PDF reader. But suppose you wish to use your digital planner to its maximum potential (aka: get your digital planner working FOR you). In that case, I’d suggest downloading Goodnotes so the digital planner can truly begin doing the heavy lifting! Enjoying (or reading) my tutorial for novices on utilizing GoodNotes with your digital planner will provide you a big head start.

All set to provide it a shot? I do not blame you! That’s why this website post is everything about how I use my digital planner with the GoodNotes app. Today, the GoodNotes app is readily available on the app shop for $8. Truthfully, it’s the best $8 I’ve invested in an app in my life and absolutely worth the financial investment. My favorite feature of GoodNotes is that it can be opened throughout your devices. That suggests that, even though I can’t edit my planner the very same method on my computer system or phone, I can still reference it and take my digital planner with me anywhere! The benefit is definitely high up on my top priority list, and GoodNotes gets some big points in this area.

How to Import Digital Planner into Goodnotes

Now you have opened the planner file and need to export it to Goodnotes (the actions below will be comparable for any digital preparation app).

When the planner is loaded, you should see The Digital Planner’s displayed on the screen.

  1. You then want to click the “export” button in the top right corner. It appears like a square with an arrow pointing upward.
  2. That ought to open the “Share Sheet,” which should have two rows of icons: the top row should be colored, and the bottom row – gray.
  3. If you’ve downloaded the Goodnotes app on your iPad, it should appear in the top row of colored icons, and it ought to state “Copy to Goodnotes.”
  4. Proceed and click on “Copy to Goodnotes.” The Goodnotes App ought to open immediately.
  5. A dialog window will open that states “Import From” at the top. The key here is to ensure you import The Digital Planner as a NEW file, not adding it to an existing file. If you notice blue text near the top of the window that says “Before Current Page/ After Current Page,” it implies you have a document open in Goodnotes currently, and it’s about to connect the PDF to it. You don’t want that.
  6. If it saves the file to the ideal place, the blue text at the bottom of the Dialog Window must say “Import as New Document.” Click that blue text.

A black progress window will show on the screen now. It is importing the PDF. This might take a minute. Once the black window disappears, it implies the PDF has been imported to Goodnotes.

It must now show up in your files list on the home screen of Goodnotes, and you are all set to begin!

How do I navigate the planner?

This is basic but important. There are two modes in Goodnotes: Navigation and Editing Modes. In Navigation Mode, the links in the document are active. This is what makes it interactive and enables you to connect to The Daily Page for any date on the calendars. The modifying mode is when you can compose, draw, move things around, etc. To change between these two modes, just click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen. When the pencil is white, it remains in Navigation mode – and the links are active. When the pencil is blue with a crossed line through it, it remains in Editing Mode, and you can write down on the pages.

Together with being able to use Navigation Mode to click on the interactive links, you can likewise swipe left or right in the planner to go to the previous or next month, or previous or next day.

How do I copy and paste something?

Simply pick the toolbar’s lasso tool (the way it looks is a dotted line in the lasso shape). You can now draw a circle/box throughout any things or text, and it will choose it instantly so that you can move it around. To copy it, just draw the circle, then position your pencil back on the screen and hold until the menu turns up. In this menu, you can copy, paste, resize, cut, and so on.

I utilize this function a lot. For instance, I do the very same at-home exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I have it composed into the wellness location with checkboxes and merely copy and paste it onto The Daily Page.

The bottom line

I hope that all these suggestions and techniques offer you a much better understanding of exactly how GoodNotes and your digital planner operate in tandem. I understand GoodNotes has actually become my most utilized app, and I love every minute of it! If you have other techniques, I’d love to hear everything about how you use GoodNotes with your best digital planner for GoodNotes! Let me know all those tips in remarks!

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