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Our Digital Planner for 2023 is one of the most organized goal-focussed organizers we’ve experienced. This is more than a planner to arrange your daily jobs or schedules merely: it’ll help you focus on the vision you desire by yourself this year and trigger you to set that into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals.

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Great benefits of Digital Planners.

If you’re attempting to choose if making the switch to digital planning is ideal for you, here is what ended up being quite a substantial pros of using digital calendar planners rather than paper organizers.

Our Best Digital Planner

  • Easy to rearrange plans. You can utilize the lasso tool in Goodnotes to copy your jobs from one day, week, or month to the next.
  • Can utilize any color (you’re not restricted to pen colors, and you do not need to pay to use more/ other colors). You can likewise change the color of your text after you’ve written it.
  • No need for a printer, printer ink, or paper.
  • Can recycle the very same spreads over and over. You can either remove what you’ve written or, if you have a lot of routine jobs, simply copy the page, delete the critical things that are no longer suitable and transform it to whatever week you’re using.
  • Don’t require to keep purchasing planner stickers or printing & cutting your own. As soon as you buy digital sticker labels, you can use them as numerous times as possible.
  • Can access your plans on your phone, which you’ll be bring with you anyway, so that you can leave your iPad or tablet in your home.
  • Immediate access to the digital calendar planner after you purchase/ download – there’s no need to wait on it in the mail or go out to a shop to purchase it.

  • Can import PDF files into Goodnotes, Notability, and more.

Paper Planners

  • As soon as you use a paper, you can’t re-use it (unless you purchase a recyclable notebook like the Rocketbook Everlast). I utilize a great deal of writing when I’m bullet journaling – if I make a mistake big enough, I reboot the spread on a fresh page.
  • Some pens and highlighters, and regretfully my preferred dot markers are vulnerable to ghosting and bleed through. I wouldn’t say I like composing directly on the rear end of a page that has seeped through or even heavy ghosting or indenting, which indicates I do use more paper by skipping pages.
  • If you lose the planner, it’s gone. You can’t back the whole planner up like you can with a digital iPad planners.

  • Need to wait on the planner to get here or head out to a store and purchase it.
  • Organizers can be really heavy – especially those with 1 page to plan every day.
  • Stationery doesn’t last forever – pens and highlighters run out of ink, consume all your sticky notes and whiteout, and so on.
  • Depending upon just how much you write, you may use multiple bullet journal note pads each year, or if you’re like me, you use numerous paper organizers. This costs more, and you probably do not wish to carry all of them with you at the same time.

Need the best solution?

At its core, our digital schedule planner is an uncomplicated weekly planner that’ll provide you the space to plan every week in 2023. Nevertheless, it also includes a variety of benefit templates for you to copy and place at will, for example, weekly check-ins, month-to-month, and everyday goals, and milestone trackers, so you can actually make it your own.

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